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    Earning SmartCashRewards makes SMART a novel and interesting cryptocurrency.

    SmartCash rewards their holders with a special web-wallet address. The concept is simple and is just like a long-term savings account, when users hold SMART in their account for 30 days, without moving their SMART out of their savings web-wallet, they are awarded a % of the blockchain. Over the past few rounds, this was between 13-8%.



    Step One:
    First, it’s time to get your own SmartCASH wallet. What makes Smart a user friendly currency is the Web Wallet. You do not have to download, install and sync anything and setting it up takes only a few seconds. Navigate to the SmartCash Wallet homepage.

    Step Two
    Click Sign Up and enter your information, including your Username (This cannot be changed, so choose wisely).

    The username is important because it allows others to send funds to you without having to know your Wallet Address.

    Copy and Store your Master Code
    This cannot be recovered, so it’s important you store this securely

    Welcome to your Wallet
    You will now have a SmartCash Wallet with 3 Addresses.
    The saving wallet is named: Smart Rewards. This is where you need to store your SMART to be eligible for your reward.

    Buy SMART
    Go to HitBTC and Sign up

    I like to send ETH to my HITBTC as it is cheaper and faster than BTC, then in the Exchange tab, I’ll click on the ETH Tab and Search for SMART. Sometimes there is a price difference between ETC/SMART and BTC/SMART – keep this in mind as it can effect your purchase price – although if you’re holding for the LONG term, then it’s not a big deal.

    Transfer Smart to SmartReward Wallet

    Go back to your Wallet on SmartCash. Beside your Smart Rewards, you’ll see a random string of letters like:


    Copy this and make your way over to your HitBTC Account, click Green Deposit Button in the top right corner of your screen.

    Once you may a purchase of SMART, you need to press the Transfer arrow that’s pointing to Main Account.

    Input how much Smart you’d like to transfer and click Transfer

    Once done, your Main Account will increase by that amount (note: there are no fees for this transfer)

    Now click the Withdraw button – which is a circle pointing to the right.

    Input the Amount you’d like to Withdraw and the Address you copied earlier.

    If you have 2 Factor Authentication enabled (which I recommend), you will need to put in your Authentication code.

    Click the blue Withdraw button.


    Now, WE WAIT!

    On the 25th of every month, SMART Will snapshot the blockchain.

    If you have 1000 SMART in your SmartReward wallet on the 25th, the following 25th month you will be awarded the Block Reward based on 1000 SMART.

    For example, if the block reward for that month is 10%, you will get an extra 100 SMART on the 25th.

    Major Note: Between the 25th of Month 1 (Snapshot) and the 25th of Month 2 (Payout) – you cannot remove ANY Smart or you will loose your Smart Reward eligibility.




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    SmartCash is by far the best HODL Reward Crypto.

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