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    Hey Callers.

    We have some simple rules for The Crypto Calls Forums

    1. Our forum is for people 18 Years and older

    The Crypto Calls Forums is for users 18 years and older. Investing in Cryptocurrency is risky and we do not recommend people under the age of 18 making risky investments based on calls on our website and forums. There is always a risk to investing in any market, and hence why most markets (Shares, Housing etc) will restrict minors from investing.

    2. Shilling, FUDing and Trolling

    These are things we try to avoid, unfortunately it’s hard in Cryptocurrency to decipher what is real and fake. Where possible, any false information will be timely removed.

    3. Affiliate Links

    Affiliate links will only be allowed if you provide genuine advice. If you simply reply with your affiliate links, your post will be deleted and you may be banned

    4. Banning

    We reserve the right to ban you without warning.

    Finally –

    Always read the rules before posting


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