Normal Degree of Caution

Scam Score
Is ZClassic A Scam?

ZClassic is a fork of ZCash without a lot of the negative elements of ZCash’s founder fees and premine. The recent merger with ZClassic and BitCoin Private has skyrocketed the cost of ZClassic. The ZClassic team have announced that a fork date will reach consensus within the next few days.

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Coin Marketing

Coins with a strong marketing team, twitter and consistent updates score better

ZClassic has an average online presence. Their twitter attracts about 20 followers and have had minimal press compared to other Privacy focused coins. Their recent announcement to fork all ZClassic coins into BTCP (Bit Coin Private) has increased the awareness and price of ZClassic.

Coding Activity

We look at GitHub activity, commits and issue tracking to assess the quality of the project

ZClassic is a fork of ZCash without a lot of the questionable elements of ZCash, including a finders block reward. The Git has very regular commits, boasting over 10,000 commits and over 300 contributors.