Normal Degree of Caution

Scam Score
Is Verge A Scam?

Verge has proven itself to be a viable privacy coin. It’s recent Wraith release has made it a hot crypto currency, however issues around delivery times and vapourware have made some in the cryptocurrency community question the project’s origins, vision and legitimacy.

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Coin Marketing

Coins with a strong marketing team, twitter and consistent updates score better
Above Average

Verge was originally named DogeCoin Dark, a privacy spin-off of Doge. As it’s market cap grew, the Marketing efforts have steadily increased and the curreny Verge Website and marketing team have made huge strides in getting Verge’s name out. The website also focus’s on real world usage, featuring Merchant’s accepting Verge as payment.

Coding Activity

We look at GitHub activity, commits and issue tracking to assess the quality of the project
Below Average

The coin’s GitHub has been consistently underwhelming, with the exception of recent changes, the GitHub has had periods of no commits or comments. In comparison, other Git projects can have hundred’s of commits per day.