Normal Degree of Caution

Scam Score
Is NEM A Scam?

NEM has had a long history, starting early 2014 and partnering up with large institutions in Japan.

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Coin Marketing

Coins with a strong marketing team, twitter and consistent updates score better

NEM has a quality website and has an active Twitter with over 150,000 followers. NEM understands the importance of timely updates, and have a dedicated news site called NEM Flash. There are no clear records of marketing efforts outside of digital, for example, print or television.

Coding Activity

We look at GitHub activity, commits and issue tracking to assess the quality of the project
Below Average

NEM has a number of Open Source wallets on GitHub, including the NEM code core with just over 600 commits.
The last update to the core was over 3 years ago, making it quite a stale package.
According to news, the core is being re-written into C++, which is a superior language to Java in relation to speed and stability.

However, NEM is quite advanced in the libraries it offers for developers to build upon. Making it a potential sleeping giant.