Very Low

Scam Score
Is Monero A Scam?

Monero started in 2014 and there was no pre-mine or instant-mine or no portion of the block reward going to the development team. This is key sign that the project is not a simple cash grab by a development team. Monero has implemented some great technology around private blockchain transactions.

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Coin Marketing

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Monero’s website is simple and effective. It has huge support with a numerous amount of wallets compatible across pretty much every Operating system. It has great visibility thanks to MinerGate; a popular pool mining tool which will often recommend mining Monero because of it’s mining hash which works best with CPU mining.

Coding Activity

We look at GitHub activity, commits and issue tracking to assess the quality of the project
Above Average

Monero’s GitHub account has over 5000 commits as of today’s date with daily updates to the source code. There are nearly 1000 logged issues with over 800 of them resolved with an extremely active GitHub.