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Scam Score
Is EOS A Scam?

EOS is aiming to be the first Blockchain powered operating system. EOS is backed by BlockOne; a billion dollar venture capitalist firm specialising in BlockChain. The lead developer, Dan Larimer, is the key person behind BitShare and SteemIT, a Social media platform running completely on the blockchain. His track record and ability to deliver significantly improves the credibility of EOS.

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Coin Marketing

Coins with a strong marketing team, twitter and consistent updates score better
Excellent is EOS’s outstanding website. It’s beautiful, well designed and extremely functional and the latest update brings a range of news articles, videos and insights. Additionally, EOS’s decision to have a year long ICO has been extremely favorable in garnishing press. Additionally the well know lead developer; Dan Larimer, catapulted EOS into the spotlight from day one.

Coding Activity

We look at GitHub activity, commits and issue tracking to assess the quality of the project

EOS is completely open source and the GitHub shows over 1000 commits. Considering the age of the project is less than 1 year old, this is a substantial amount of activity. Additionally, the Core Code has been rumored to be released earlier than anticipated.