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Scam Score
Is BitCoin A Scam?

BitCoin has proven itself to be an un-hackable and honest store of wealth. Throughout it’s many years of operating, the original blockchain code continues to dominate the cryptocurrency world. It’s slow and expensive transfer rate makes it a good store of digital wealth and it has found itself as the “gold standard” of crypto currency.

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Coin Marketing

Coins with a strong marketing team, twitter and consistent updates score better

There has been thousands of publications, TV reports, news and online coverage about BitCoin. Either positive or negative, BitCoin has created a brand name for itself. It is the first and original digital currency.

Coding Activity

We look at GitHub activity, commits and issue tracking to assess the quality of the project

BitCoin has been worked on religiously for close to a decade. It’s GitHub has had over 10,000 commits, across 500 contributors. Most impressively, all cryptocurrencies we see today have some sort of origin from BitCoin, either directly or indirectly.